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Electric pallet truck CretaKlark #2306

Electric pallet truck CretaKlark #2306 for a variety of applications

Holds up to 2 batteries

1 battery included, we can supply you with a 2nd battery

5% discount if you order more than 1 pallet truck

• Specifications:

• Load: 1500kg

• Load Center Distance: 600mm

• Forklift weight: 120kg


Discover the electric pallet truck CretaKlark#2306: The ultimate solution for moving loads reliably!

CretaKlark#2306 is a pallet truck that will delight you with its excellent capabilities. It accepts up to two batteries to offer twice the run time, ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation for longer.

With a load capacity of 1500kg, the CretaKlark#2306 can handle a heavy load with unrivaled efficiency. Its reliability in every use is guaranteed.

But it doesn't stop there! CretaKlark#2306 has excellent versatility. With an unloaded movement speed of up to 4.5 km/h and a loaded 4 km/h, you can move quickly and efficiently in any environment.

With a Load Center Distance of 600mm, the CretaKlark Electric Pallet Truck #2306 ensures easy loading and unloading of items. The weight of the forklift is 120kg, ensuring comfortable use and flexibility.

Invest in the CretaKlark Electric Pallet Truck #2306 and upgrade your business capabilities. Regardless of whether you need to transport goods to warehouses, factories or stores, CretaKlark#2306 will become your faithful ally.

Contact us today and discover more about the CretaKlark Electric Pallet Truck #2306. Professional reliability, performance and durability in one great package!