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At Creta Klark we take into account that your workload fluctuates resulting in the need for more machines at certain times. You may need forklifts for just a month or even a few days. Our aim is to give you the best solution for your business offering, saving time and money.

• Save time and money.

• Without the need for investment capital or the purchase condition.

• Immediate solution that takes your hands off.

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4 reasons to rent a forklift:

• You only pay for what you use – your rental cost is based on how many hours you expect to use it. When you buy a forklift, you pay for 100% of the equipment whether you use it all day every day, or less than ten hours a week.

• Maximize your available credit – when you finance equipment, it can reduce your ability to borrow. Leasing keeps your credit line clean.

• Lease payments are tax deductible – lease payments are considered an operating expense and can reduce your tax liability.

• Generate profit by selling unused machines - many functions keep your machines on standby to meet seasonal needs. Renting allows you to turn infrequently used equipment into capital.